Southgate Plumbing’s plumbing professionals are available to perform routine maintenance, installation and and emergency faucet repair services. Whether it’s a kitchen sink, bathtub or shower, or outdoor faucets, Southgate Plumbing has the tools to handle any malfunctioning faucets.

Malfunctioning plumbing in the bathroom can disrupt an entire day. Even a slowly dripping bathroom faucet can have a significant effect on your water bill. Leaky or malfunctioning bathroom faucets need to be addressed immediately to conserve water and avoid more extensive water damage. From drips to leaks to low water pressure, Southgate Plumbing can help with any of your bathroom faucet issues including fixing leaking bathtub faucets.

Southgate Plumbing plumbers are fluent in bathroom faucet repair and faucet replacement for most major types of bathroom faucets, including:

  • Cartridge
  • Ball
  • Disk
  • Compression

In addition to bathtub faucet repair, Southgate Plumbing plumbers can also help you replace and install new bathroom faucets and other plumbing fixtures as part of home renovations. Call Southgate Plumbing today and talk to one of our plumbing experts and about installing bathroom faucets.

Kitchen faucets are just as crucial to a functioning household as bathroom faucets. Just like bathroom faucets, ongoing drips or leaks can lead to water damage and high water bills. Southgate Plumbing plumbers are skilled and experienced at kitchen faucet repair and maintenance. For simple fixes in your kitchen check out our tips for maintaining your kitchen plumbing.

Our Southgate Plumbing team can also help repair or install a brand new sink or garbage disposal. We can ensure that it is done properly without any leaks that could cause water damage in the long-run. Our professional plumbers want to make you feel at ease that your kitchen is not only beautiful, but it is functional too.

Southgate Plumbing provides outdoor faucet repair services as well since faucets aren’t limited to the indoors. Outdoor faucets can become damaged and start leaking, leading to flooding, high water bills, and potential water damage. They are especially susceptible to damage over the cold winter months. Southgate Plumbing’s faucet repair services include outdoor faucet repair.

In extreme cases, an outdoor faucet leak could be a symptom of a cracked or damaged pipe in the water or sewer lines that run through your property. In that situation, Southgate Plumbing professionals will perform emergency sewer repair services. While traditional sewer repair involves digging out the yard or driveway to access the sewer line, Southgate Plumbing can now perform trenchless sewer repair using state-of-the-art technologies.

Call Southgate Plumbing for any reason, from an emergency leak to a routine inspection of your outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems before the summer season begins. If you suspect any issues with your outside faucet contact Southgate Plumbing today.

Commercial plumbing systems experience heavy traffic. Large businesses often have many different types of faucets on site, and the most frequently used commercial faucets can see hundreds or thousands of gallons of water flowing through each day. Repetitive high faucet usage can result in physical wear and tear, leaks, and other damage.

Commercial faucets that leak or don’t turn on or off properly can result in property damage and high water bills for your business. Commercial faucets that fail to properly regulate water temperature can potentially be harmful for your customers. Southgate Plumbing experts will ensure that your faucets operate as intended.


Just as homeowners everywhere rely on Southgate Plumbing, businesses turn to Southgate Plumbing plumbers for complete commercial faucet repair services. We’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to solve your faucet emergencies – that way, a faucet problem doesn’t cause any downtime in your business.

If you need a Southgate Plumbing plumber to fix a leaking faucet or perform any other plumbing services – including water leak services – give us a call at 1-313-420-8421. You can also book an appointment online if that’s more convenient for you.

*All services not available from all locations.

Southgate Plumbing’s professional plumbers are skilled at all manners of commercial faucet repair. They can replace or install any type of commercial or industrial faucet, and use only quality parts and materials when rebuilding, replacing or installing a faucet. Businesses of all sizes and locations turn to Southgate Plumbing for faucet maintenance in kitchens, bathrooms, bar areas, laundry areas, laboratories, locker rooms, operating rooms, basements, and more. Our commercial faucet plumbing services include the repair, replacement or installation of the following:

  • Sink, tub and shower faucets
  • Automatic sensor and hands-free faucets
  • Pre-rinse faucets
  • Water stations and fillers
  • Dip well faucets
  • Pot filler faucets
  • Low flow and water-conserving faucets
  • Bed pan cleaner faucets
  • Hose bibs
  • Vacuum breakers
  • Waste valves
  • Water shut off valves
  • Backflow preventers
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Chuck H
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I used Southgate Plumbing twice within the last 72 Hours. I have some rental properties that had plumbing issues and he made it to both locations & fixed all the issues.
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Knowledgeable, friendly, punctual, clean, PLUS they do great work! I would highly recommend Southgate Plumbing for any kind of plumbing work. They do the job right!
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5 star experience all around. Southgate was very detailed and informative and provided a follow-up plan for my particular issues. I highly recommend !
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